Myths and legends at the Quoile
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Myths and legends at the Quoile

Date: 15 November 2022

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What an interesting and informative day spent at the Quoile! The first ‘walk and learn’ tour proved a huge success with Duane Fitzsimmons talking us through the myths and legends of a once busy shipping lane.

Through the centuries many have visited the Quoile, including Saint Patrick himself. We learned about the other side of Saint Patrick, that inflicted God’s wrath onto people.‚Äč

The route followed a journey made by the log boats of the first settlers, the longboats of Viking raiders and the steamships. Along the way we learned about the branch of Strangford Lough that washed up around Downpatrick and why the Southwells undertook the radical drainage scheme.

We passed the site of the Game of Thrones location, and heard tales of the old castle, the old quays and the Quoile Bridge.

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