Lack of amenities discourages visitors to the Quoile
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Lack of amenities discourages visitors to the Quoile

Date: 10 March 2020

Category: General News

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The Quoile Estuary is strongly associated with legends of Saint Patrick who landed in the area. A large tourist information centre tells the story less than two miles away in Downpatrick town centre, yet there is no link-up at the Quoile to enable visitors to continue their historical journey.

The Quoile Countryside Centre is closed (May 2022) and from our understanding there are no plans to reopen it. When the building closed to the public, so did access to important information on the rich history of the area.

Two old quays and the timbers of a sailing ship remind us that the Quoile has a rich history, and local people feel it should be told to attract more visitors to the area.

We are calling for the reopening of the centre…

  • to enable visitors to learn more about the rich history
  • understand the unique biodiversity of the Quoile area
  • have a central meeting point for families and a safe play area for children
  • to facilitate a cafe

If resource is an issue, let’s discuss options.

Consideration should be given to running the centre with the support of local volunteers who would love to share their experiences and stories of the area or leasing the building as a cafe.


If you agree that the Quoile Countryside Centre should be reopened, sign our petition to clean up the Quoile.