River Quoile clean up at Belfast Road
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River Quoile clean up at Belfast Road

Date: 27 June 2022

Category: General News

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When culverts (tunnels that carry streams under roads) become blocked by silt and other debris, it can cause problems for the natural environment.

There has been a build-up of silt in culverts at Belfast Road for some time and this has been reducing the free-flow of water to pass through. A consequence of this is raised water levels further upstream, flooding, and a breeding ground for toxins and obnoxious gases.

We have been flagging these blocked tunnels at the Belfast Road with DfI Rivers agency for some time and following our latest correspondence in March, we were delighted to see maintenance workers move onto the site this week (22 June 2022). However, their time was short-lived and work isn’t completed.

We will be continue to monitor the situation and will be in contact with DfI Rivers for an update. We want to see the agency continue this type of work further along the river, particularly from around Janes Shore.

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