Photo competition highlights the ‘beauty’ and ‘beast’ side of the River Quoile
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Photo competition highlights the ‘beauty’ and ‘beast’ side of the River Quoile

Date: 22 May 2023

Category: General News

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The River Quoile in Downpatrick is an area of scientific interest and it is hoped that a photography competition running on the Clean the Quoile social media pages will evidence the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the quoile – and raise awareness for the group’s ‘clean up’ campaign.

The group is asking members of the public, ‘what does the Quoile mean to you? Is it a family picnic or a quiet walk? Best birdwatching or angling spot? Litter floating in the river or dog poo on the paths?’

A picture speaks a thousand words and the group hopes the visitors to the Quoile will get behind the competition and help evidence what is good and bad at the Quoile.

The group’s purpose is to conserve, protect, rehabilitate and improve the River Quoile for the advancement of environmental protection and improvement¬† – and they depend on the public to help monitor the area.

The submitted photographs from the competition will be used to educate stakeholders, such as schools, community groups, politicians, council and public bodies, on the Quoile’s environmental, historical and scientific importance to Downpatrick.

Get involved!

If you are out and about at the Quoile, stop and look around you. What can you see? Is it what you expect to see?

Your photos will help raise awareness for the Clean up the Quoile campaign and will be used to support strategic conversations with stakeholders. Follow Clean the Quoile on facebook or instagram to keep updated on the campaign and to view photo entries.

Main photo caption: Photo entry by CJ. Quinn to the Clean the Quoile photography competition, May 2023.


Categories: ‘Beauty’ | ‘Beast’ (no limit on number of entries to each category).

Deadline: The competition ends on 00:01 2nd August 2023, and photographic submissions must be taken within the period May – July.

Click for competition terms and conditions.